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Residence, Sweden; Stilla Hemlängtan, no 1, 2015 by Ingrid Sommar


Monocle Alpino, UK; Retreat with Connection, issue 10, Winter season 2014-2015 by Aisha Speirs


SVD Magasinet, Sweden; Inredning för Olika Världar, August 2014 by Richard Bo Gardt
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Dagens Industri, Sweden; Konsten att Leva ett Lyckat Dubbelliv, January 2014 by Jenny Hedelin


The New York Times, USA; Hotel room with Charm off The Radar; 11 October 2012 by Gisela Williams


Perspective, Hong Kong; Not Just a Man's World; August 2011 by Virginia Lau
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Architectural Digest, Germany; Natur und Stille; no 114, 2010 by Ulrich Clewing
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Residence, Sweden; Paradis i Vitt; no 1, 2009 by Konrad Olsson
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Elle Interiör, Sweden; Hemkänsla; no 115, November 2008 by Hanna Marklund


DI Weekend, Sweden; Finansmannen Bryter Ny Mark; Fri–Sat 17–18 October 2008 by Göran Olsson


Dagens Nyheter, Culture Section, Sweden; Förankrad-Från Tehran till Fjällen, 27 July 2007 by Annica Kvint
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Trend & Design Guide 2007, Samsung; Shideh Betyder Strålande; 2007 by Johan Kylander


Sköna Hem; Shidehs Vardagsrum; No 5, 2007 by Dan Gordan


Residence, Sweden; Klubbig Stil; no 6, 2006 by Konrad Olsson


Residence, Sweden; 15 Hemligheter / Konsten att Skapa Hem; no 3, 2006


Evening Standard, UK; BEST BAR, The Living Room W1; 28 August 2006

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Restaurant, Issue 102, UK; Living Room W1; December 2005 by Carina Simon
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Evening Standard, UK; Ziggy Stardust and a Close Encounter of the third Kind; 16 August 2005 by Fay Maschler


Koll, Alcro webpage, Sweden; Intervju → June–July 2005


The Living Magazine, Issue 7, UK; Tackling Design, head on; 2005 by Josh Sims
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Vi, Sweden; Björnbär uppåt Väggarna; August 2005 by Margaretha Nordgren


The Architect's Journal, UK; What's My Line?; January 2005 by Katherine Skellon


New Scandinavian Design, teNeues; Flat Nittve by Paco Asensio



Swedish National Radio & Television Living Room Program with Hans Blix and Tom Holland; 40min Broadcast; 7 times in 2004 and 2005


Sköna Hem; Shidehs Moderna, no 1, 2004 by Lisa Kruse


Telegraph, UK, Property Section; A temple to Body and Soul; 9 October 2004 by Naomi Cleaver


Radio Stockholm, Sweden; Live Interview; 30min; 5 September 2004


Dagens Nyheter, Sweden; Med Två städer under fötterna; 3 August 2004 by Bo Madestam


Domus, Italy; Casa Sul Lago / The House on the Lake; November 2003 by Rowan Moore
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Scandinavian Style, UK; pages 10–11, 30–31, 79, 91, 94–95, back cover; October 2003 by Bradley Quinn


Plaza International, Sweden; Two Worlds; August 2003 by Katinka Kant


Archidea, Ukraine; London Apartment Interior; May 2003 by Abbey Moor


Dagens Nyheter, Sweden, culture section; Oborstade material i svåra tider; 4 May 2003 by Tomas Lauri


Plaza, Sweden; Två Världar; May 2003 by Katinka Kant


Forum, Sweden; Kompromisslös Magi; April 2003 by Tom Hedqvist
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Residence, Sweden; Vidgade Vyer; April 2003 by Linda Rampell


The Independent Property, UK; The Objects of Our Affections; 26 March 2003 by Kate Watson-Smyth


Restaurant, UK; Annakhan; March 2003; The Trolley


Wallpaper, UK; Spicy Swede; March 2003 by Gisela Williams


Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden, culture section; Johansson plattar till uttrycket; 22 February 2003 by Dan Backman


Residence, Sweden; Nittves nya liv; February 2003 by Katinka Kant


Theme, UK; International DesignVenues; January 2003 by Caroline Shaw


Theme, UK; Design Clinic; November 2002 by Caroline Shaw


Elle, Sweden; Ungkarlslyan; October 2002 by Gill Renlund
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Elle Interiör, Sweden; Krönika; June–July 2002 by Lars Nittve


Elle, Sweden; Bo med Gud; March–April 2002 by Gill Renlund


Form, Sweden; Room for Branding; January–February 2002 by Linda Rampell
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Sleeper, UK; The Room I Want; July–August 2001 by Shideh Shaygan


Vindsvånigar, Sweden; 135m ²; 2000 by Annika Von Bonsdorff


Elle Interiör, Sweden; Loft med luft; 1998
by Lotta Lewenhaupt
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Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden, culture section; Turkos i vågad mix på väg tillbaka; 21 December 1996 by Hedvig Hedqvist


Damernas Värld, Sweden; Shideh Shaygan Älskar form och frihet; July 1996 by Viveca Ljungstrom


Sköna Hem, Sweden; Trådiga trender; 1996 by Dan Gordan


Elle Interiör, Sweden; Matnyttig Design; 1996 by Lotta Lewenhaupt


Form, Sweden; Shideh Shaygan – Möbler & Inredning; 1994 by Ulf Beckman


Sköna Hem, Sweden; Form for bagle; 1994 by Lage Stone