The Living Room W1


Intelligent, intriguing, intricate:
Clever disguise makes it tricky to find the lavatories, but it's worth the effort. Doors are indecipherable panels in a round wooden room, signposted only by an LK Bennett shoe and a man's brown leather lace-up. Inside the dazzling white room – white sink and tiled floor (above) – deceptively plain cubicles have study-like interiors, with carpeted wall (in stately-home pattern), table lamps on the wall and a glass cabinet containing encyclopaedias and old science books, plus a Radio 4 soundtrack


On offer: Only unbranded soap and paper towels – this is cunning minimalist simplisity.

Most likely to meet: Suit-clad young professionals. Would suit Rachel Weisz or Zadie Smith.

Access: Ignore the friendly waitress asking if you want a table and head to the bar – then it's just a hop downstairs

Location: 3–9 Heddon Street, W1 – good for Piccadilly and Soho.